A beautiful theme for your visual diary.

Yuuta is a Japanese name and is made up of 優 (yuu) “gentleness, superiority”, 悠 (yuu) “distant, leisurely” or 勇 (yuu) “brave” combined with 太 (ta) “thick, big”.

It is a clean and free WordPress theme designed to serve as a visual diary. Due to support of all post formats the theme is capable of displaying a pretty diversified blog.

Here is the full feature-list:

  • Assign unique background images to every post
  • Yuuta comes with two beautiful typefaces (Roboto & Roboto Slab) and was designed especially for readability on every screen
  • A fully responsive liquid design displays your content fluently on desktop, tablets and smartphones
  • Due to support of all post formats you can create a pretty diversified blog
  • The theme is ready for translation/localization with .mo and .po files included
  • The footer area is ready to get filled width your favorite widgets in four columns
  • Editor style is included to match the WordPress editing experience to the theme’s look